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Additional Documentation

Income & Expenses
  • Income and expenses summarized by a single number by category for the entire year (see below)*:
Income          23,500.00
Travel             1,583.00
Supplies             2,267.00
Meals             1,637.00
Website                874.00
These are sample categories, add more as needed.
  •   Any 1099s received.  
  • *Your fee will be less if the income and expense listing is in Excel or direct access to a QuickBooks Online account. A Word or PDF document or sent in the body of an email would be the next most preferred methods. Fees will be higher if we are presented with a handwritten summary or a collection of receipts. 
  • Business miles driven during the tax year with your business vehicle. 
  • Non-business miles driven during the tax year with your business vehicle.
  • Make and model of your car, date purchased, purchase price (full price, even if financed). If leased, please state that.
Home Office
  • Square footage of the entire home.
  • Square footage of segregated space used exclusively for business. Please state if you own or rent.
  • Full year amount of home expenses (property taxes*, maintenance, utilities, insurance, rent).
  • If you own, please provide your Form 1098 mortgage interest statement.
  • Any improvements/expenditures made directly to your home office.